Rehearsal of Nutcracker pas de deux at Covent Garden

A wonderful rehearsal of the Nutcracker Pas de Deux. Principal Dancer Nechemiah Kish with First Dancer Fumi Kaneko are being rehearsed by Jonothan Cope and Lesley Collier, Repetiteurs.
The dancers are adding the final touches for the end product of this beautiful Pas de Deux. Their standard is exceptional, but as they are led into the hints of change by the expertise of their tutors, who work in fine collaboration, the dance becomes more refined and rich in both technique and quality. The fouette of adage for instance shows more complete as the dancer elongates and broadens the arm lines and top part of her body. A slight change in the dancer’s angle of placement gives the audience a clearer view of the attitude line and promenade which follows. Fumi Koneko’s courus are swift and flowing whilst her top part remains perfectly still. Beautiful imagery is used throughout to cue the dancers into the feeling they need to achieve. i.e. ‘creamy’ pirouette, the back bend is felt like an ‘explosion’.
It is so precious, not only for all dancers to be, but for all lovers of dance, to have an opportunity to see the process of such creations!

we will get back to you asap

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